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Just beginning to update this site so bear with me. Trying to find a way to process my WT activities. My PayPal link works (for the Trial Membership with quarterly email deliveries), but I will be redoing everything for sales options as I can find a way to process it. This seems to be working, so I will try to continue with it as long as I can. What ends up on this page will be what I am able to focus on until GOD provides funds for employees and offices. JOIN today so we can bring Christians together and start supporting one another.

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Welcome to
Working Together

One God * One Bible * One Christ * One Salvation * One Body
Our purpose is to establish worldwide resource connections
the Body of Christ will need to survive as End Time prophecy is fulfilled.

The Body of Christ is not found in a building.
It exists in the hearts and lives of those who accept the tenets of the Holy Bible
and believe Jesus Christ sacrificed His Life for their personal sins.
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How to be saved ::
Prayer of Repentance?

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Will there be millions of true Christians when the Antichrist arrives, or only a remnant? We don't know. As the End Times fulfill the WORD of GOD, we need to join together and change the way we have always looked at our lives. The GOAL of Working Together is to create resources we can all use. JOIN US TODAY!

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WT has been an evolving effort, including blog developments. The majority of information about WT and Christian issues will be found on my first blog effort
Working Together Inc

Below are blogs I started to try to separate the information into resource and program topics
Food to Live
Shelter for All
Making Prisons Better
Political Rehabilitation

Below are other blogs that are currently personal efforts.
Crafts Explored
Ideas for Today
Faith and Prayer

What If There Is No Rapture?
So many in the Christian church believe they won't have to suffer any of the Tribulation because of what is called "the Rapture." Many verses have been organized to change the historical views about the Rapture, but there is no real confirmation in the Bible that it will happen. It is just one of many views, and has become the most popular because it eliminates suffering for our faith. I wrote this little booklet in 1999 because I grew worried about what would happen if there wasn't a Rapture, if people in the church began to suffer and become persecuted for their faith... as many are now. It is still an important booklet to read, but I am hoping I can find the time and resources to update it and expand why I think we need to prepare for what is coming. As soon as I can, I will create a PayPal link to a nicer print version (PDF) that you can purchase as a fundraising effort for Working Together (with a small commission going to myself as the author...a commission that will exist for other products sold through Working Together in the future.)


| | :: LOOK AT THE NATIONAL AND WORLD DEBT and be very afraid! It looks like a global meltdown is on the way...I don't know if anyone can prepare for that.

| | :: This link is to a short documentary by Ray Comfort. There are several important views to think about as you watch it. One is that Hitler passed a law in 1938(?) that required the Jews to reveal their possessions/wealth. Then he started to kill them and confiscate their wealth to finance his war needs. Another is how little young people know about Hitler. Christians often ask people on the street if they know who Jesus is, but this time they asked if people knew who Hitler was... and the answers were similar -- few knew who he was or what he did. That is really scary. You can watch the 30+ minute documentary for free and then share it with your friends.

| | Overruled :: You can still see this video from -- As the End Times continue, more of our most basic and assumed human rights will be attacked. Christians are the main target, but not the only one. Once global laws are in place, global persecutions will rise, even in America.

  • WORKING TOGETHER INC :: Building for the End Times

    One day you, or someone you love,
    may need the survival options we are developing now.
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    || What If There Is No Rapture? ||

    Working Together is a privately-held business dedicated to building resources for the Body of Christ to access as the End Times progress. We hope to help Christians preserve as many of their assets as possible, focusing always on basic survival priorities like food, shelter, employment, transportation, financial assistance, education, medical interventions, the preservation of life, prisons, missions, farms, ranches, manufacturing, and other related activities. Through membership fees and the sales of other products, we will begin to establish programs and communities in the 12 regions currently listed above. MEMBERSHIP is the MOST IMPORTANT foundation for the work we will accomplish. Please JOIN today! We are starting with a TRIAL MEMBERSHIP for just US$5, which will provide you with an email subscription to WT NEWS in quarterly issues. You can sign up with the PAYPAL button in the left column of this page.

    God loves His Children,
    both Jews and adopted Jews (Christians).
    God is trying to make a way for us
    through Working Together.

    We know that Noah spent about a hundred years building an ark for a flood no one believed in; that God sent Joseph to Egypt as a young man to prepare for a famine many years in the future; and that Moses spent about forty years in the house of Pharaoh and about forty years on the back side of a desert before he led the Israelites through the Wilderness for 40 years. Working Together is one of God's efforts to prepare for our future. If Christ tarries, we will need the years ahead to make places for us to gather for support and fellowship, and as much protection as a modern "Goshen" can allow.

    To organize this effort, to help pay the costs of staffing, to create an alternative form of wages and benefits, to keep it viable for as long as possible, and to create a way to prioritize the future, Working Together is based on a foundation of INDIVIDUAL membership. There are two membership options : CHRISTIAN Community and General PUBLIC. Both currently require the same fees, and have nearly the same benefits. At this point, the main difference is that Christian members have a higher access priority than Public members, when that distinction is needed. As time goes by, each membership group will develop benefits that are focused on their separate needs.

    The Bible tells us that the love of Man will grow cold... that families will disintegrate... that people will fall away from the Church. The fellowship we have enjoyed, the outreaches we have created, the peace that we have known, will cease to exist as we know it. Working Together is an effort to provide for as many Christians as possible as we move through the fulfillment of prophecy. Consider the following realities of our lives:

    * * * No one knows exactly what will happen before the Antichrist is revealed and Christians are more openly attacked and destroyed.
    * * * We do know that the world is moving in the direction of a one-world government and one-world leader.
    * * * We can see hostility rising, morals declining, and families struggling.
    * * * Technology is changing communication, medicine, travel, military, and education. It is becoming a tool for good and evil. We have to realize that technology is creating both amazing innovations and equally amazing opportunities for harm, for torture, and for killing that could not have been imagined before.
    * * * We can easily see that the computer is beginning to control all of our finances and is the likely instrument of the Mark of the Beast.
    * * * We see a hatred of God taking over many parts of the world, and our lives. Traditional biblical churches are falling away from their spiritual foundations, hugging the world, and leading others into the same pits.
    * * * Satan seems to be thriving and suffering is becoming a way of life, even in America.

    Many Christians believe there will be a pre-Tribulation rapture that will save us from the sufferings the Bible tells us about. It is possible that this will NOT happen. Please read my booklet, What If There Is No Rapture?, at the link above. Only God knows the real interpretations of His Word. We try to make sense of what the Bible tells us and, often, we see only what we want to see.

    Working Together is the result of my life experiences and many prayers about what to do. Because I endured a life with great poverty and other difficulties, I began to see that the Church is not prepared for other possibilities. Our faith in the Rapture theory may create the "Great Falling Away" that is also described. I ask the question : Are you saved because of the Rapture, or because of your faith in the Christ? If the Rapture doesn't happen, will you still be saved?

    The road to the Antichrist will be very hard for those who believe in GOD, in Christ, in the Holy Spirit. We have to start creating alternatives for our survival.

    YOU CAN HELP build a global resource network
    for the Body of Christ until the Antichrist gets here.

    Where Christians can find each other.

    || CORD Information || CORD Listing Form ||
    PLEASE NOTE :: We're keeping the original listing form for now.
    If you want a FULL Public listing, add the word where it is missing.

    The internet is the future...whether we like it or not. International Christian Online Resource Directory (CORD) is our effort to bring Christians, churches, ministries, schools, businesses, organizations, families, and other groups and individuals into one place. CORD will offer information about programs, resources available, current needs, volunteer opportunities, employment options for both employers and employees, and other details that a listing might want to include. There will be five (5) listing opportunities available. (New members receive one free SHORT listing with their paid membership fee.)

    Give what you can. Take only what you need.

    || AP Listing Form || Prayer and Praise Listing ||
    || Psalm 40 || Give What You Can ||

    Christians know that prayer is the first place to look for answers, but we often wait until it's our last resort. Some people believe that God will answer prayers without making them public, others believe that we have to tell others about our needs before they can be filled. Pride is often a problem we all have to overcome in our search for answers to our needs, but sometimes we just don't know who to ask. It's hard to know the perfect answer to this quest because GOD doesn't always answer out prayers the way we want Him to. Action Prayer is an effort to connect people who have a need with those who have the answer to their prayer. The charge for each listing is US$5. This may seem like a large price to pay for a single prayer, but we hope the cost will also reduce frivolous requests and be enough to operate the program in each region. Action Prayer is not just about sharing prayers, it is a program to bring our funds into a place where we can answer prayers, individually and as the Body of Christ.

    Finding God in our everyday lives.

    Sometimes the hardest part of being a Christian is keeping our focus on the sovereignty of God in our lives. Bible Growth Groups are not Bible study groups, they are a quarterly commitment to spend a large block of time with 11 other committed Christians, sharing leadership responsibilities and personal experiences.

    How do YOU measure the value of one life?

    Firstfruits Ministries began as a pro-life effort with the theme that "Every abortion is one too many." It is now the political action focus of Working Together. The spirit of the Antichrist will fight against Christians long before the Antichrist is revealed. Preserving our lives will become an important concern. Opinions about the "quality of life" will become laws to eliminate the weak and helpless, including the elderly, the handicapped and disabled, terminally ill patients, those who are less than perfect, the illiterate, the religiously unacceptable, and anyone who is unwanted for any reason. Through Firstfruits Ministries, Working Together will add its resources to the battle to save those who cannot protect themselves. We want to help watch the political processes that will lead to the destruction of Christian families. We hope to gather associated ministries into single locations to help save money and time, to strategize better, and to support one another as we travel to the future.

    Changing how we think about crime and justice.

    Check on our sample issues below. We would like to create a newsprint format,
    but the internet is moving everyone toward a magazine format.
    We may not have that choice much longer.

    || 1st sample newsletter || 2010-4 || 2011-1 || 2011-2 || 2011-3 ||

    Inmate Project is an effort to reach and connect Inmates and their families, friends, and organizations focused on inmate issues. Using a monthly newsletter, we will collect and share information that is important to inmate needs, important to the protection of inmate rights, and important to the future of penal institutions all over the world. We want to create more income options for Inmates, work toward better family relationships, see that abuses in the system are reduced, and promote better rehabilitation options.

    The Internet provides an opportunity to change the direction of every inmate's life. Internet sales income can provide finances for both the government institution and the inmate. Inmates will have the opportunity to increase their income and provide for their institutional needs, savings for release, penalty payments, restitution debt, child support, and other family provisions. Honest Internet business opportunities can begin an income option that can be continued on release. The skills and training required to be successful in life can begin during prison sentences and continue after release.

  • ESSAY 321 :: * 3 Pages * 2 Citations * 1 Week *

    An effort to encourage lively debates
    about doctrines which separate the Body of Christ.
    || Essay Topics || Entry Form ||

    The goal of this competition is to share the wide variety of opinions that exist on different spiritual topics. We want readers to see the various sides of an issue, think about them, and make their own decision about what they feel is true and what is not. When we stand before God, we will stand alone and be judged alone. It is important that each individual seek out the answers God has provided through the Bible. As funding permits, much of this entry process will one day be available online.

    It is also another effort to provide income for those who want to participate. Right now this competition is open to anyone. In the future it may only be open to members, and it will be changed to a regional competition with fees and prizes reorganized to the local economy. We will pay our prizes out of a special PRIZE FUND created with 10% of each entry fee. When the entry fees allow, winners will receive as much as US$1000. When the Prize Fund allows, there will also be annual regional and global PEOPLE'S CHOICE awards.

    Searching for the best food at the least price possible.

    To get you started in your search for information about our food supplies:
    || Genetic Roulette :: a movie about GMO foods and how they are affecting our lives, killing our animals and children, and changing our digestion forever.
    || Food Inc :: another important movie about food issues
    || Fast Food Nation - a book about food manufacturing

    Every region of the world has specialty foods, and a host of poor families whose meals never make it into cookbooks. We hope to discover them here, and reward the authors for sharing that information. As GOD provides, we will add videos, classes, regional recipes, and other information about food issues.