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Our purpose is to establish worldwide resource connections the Body of Christ
will need to survive as End Time prophecy is fulfilled.

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  • CORD is the short name for
    International Christian Online Resource Directory

    The purpose of CORD is to create a single online Directory that will connect individual Christians, Christian ministries, and Christian organizations with each other A-N-D with those who may be searching for them or the resources they have available. As the End Times become more difficult, sharing what we have will become more critical.

  • CORD listings will help us to connect within our local area, when we are away from home and SUDDENLY IN NEED, and when we are searching for ministry opportunities in places we have never been.
  • CORD will help us to begin supporting each other's efforts, to AVOID WASTING MONEY on duplicated equipment, and to keep in contact with what is being done by those near us.
  • CORD offers the Christian Community (and others) an opportunity to share information about their location, their programs, their resources, their needs, and their Statement of Faith.
  • Each CORD listing will have a UNIQUE WEB ADDRESS that can be used as a marketing tool. We hope that even the smallest ministries will be able to use CORD as an important web presence.
  • The Christian, Public, and Employment Listings are purchased for ONE YEAR; and there is a special Employment listing offered for one quarter.
  • As we grow, these benefits will become more focused on regional needs.

    Our prices are being developed as costs change, but they are still very reasonable, currently based on the prices of other online services. Our SHORT FORMAT includes contact information, Statement of Faith, and a 500-word narrative about the person, program, ministry, organization, or business being described. This is an excellent option for single programs, small ministries, and individuals. The LONG FORMAT includes all the information in the short format, plus ten (10) program descriptions.

    A LIFETIME Listing opportunity has recently been created for CORD as a form of membership for churches, groups, organizations, and businesses -- anything that is not an individual.

    You can see these changes at our online store.

    CHRISTIAN RESOURCE LISTINGS are dedicated to helping Christians find and support each other.

    Inclusion in this listing category requires a signed WT Statement of Christian Affiliation that is for groups.

    Requiring this statement does not guarantee that every Christian listing will be made by a Christian, or be truthful, but it does provide a starting point for evaluating a listing. We will eventually have a verification process to assure information seekers that Christian listings are accurate, but until that process is created, caution is necessary.

    Christian listings can be made by individuals, families, small groups like a neighborhood Bible study or local Moms in Touch, large organizations like Samaritan's Purse or Focus on the Family, single independent churches or large denominational headquarters - just to name a few.

    PUBLIC RESOURCE LISTINGS are similar to Christian Resource Listings, but do not require a signed affiliation statement.

    Public Listings are ideal for non-Christians who care about poverty intervention and resource sharing, and want to be included in this Directory. CORD PUBLIC was previously available only in the short form. It can now be purchased in the long format at the same price as the Christian Listing. There are many who need the Public format to share their concerns for important human issues in every region, and are not willing to be associated with the status of Christian. We don't know how many will apply, but this needs to be avaiable. Public registrations can belong to Individuals, Families, Small Groups, Organizations, and other entities.

    CHRISTIAN EMPLOYMENT LISTINGS are an opportunity for individuals to connect with hiring staff of Christian ministries and organizations as well as an opportunity for potential employers to explore candidates that may not exactly "fit" their perceived job descriptions. Ministries can list their volunteer needs and hiring goals to encourage new people to apply. Individuals can share information about their talents and describe their desires to serve God in a Christian organization. Somewhere within the one year* time frame, we believe the Holy Spirit will lead good people to good works.

    ***For those with more temporary employment needs, we offer this opportunity for ONE QUARTER.

    It is equally important that you understand we reserve the right to refuse ANY listings we consider objectionable for any reason. We will offer these listing's authors an opportunity to correct any problems. If the issues cannot be resolved to our standards, a full refund will be given.
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