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the Body of Christ will need to survive as End Time prophecy is fulfilled.

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December Membership Drive
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Welcome, Christians!
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Our last December effort seems so long ago. There are some important changes to this year's Membership Drive. The main change is we are limiting sales to 1000 Memberships. This will help us grow carefully and be ready to expand our size more easily next year. The TRIAL Membership will still be available to purchase all year.

Please remember ::
Working Together Memberships are for INDIVIDUALS. This makes it possible to deliver our member benefits more easily. One person in a family can make purchases for the whole family, but the benefits of membership will only increase for the one who is registered. Each membership for 2019 will cost $10 a month, but the benefits we will be creating for you will be worth more. As Working Together grows, so will the benefits available to members.

Our current Membership Benefits are ::
*** Monthly Newsletter (WT News) -- available in PRINT or EMAIL formats
*** A New Member Packet with various samples of our products
*** Limited credit toward the purchase of WT products (only)
*** Special discounts on various WT purchases

The details about these benefits are on the MEMBERSHIP page and will be included in your New Member Packet for 2019, which is sent during January.

Today you will have these choices to make ::
*** Whether you want a CHRISTIAN or a PUBLIC Membership.
*** Whether this purchase is for yourself or a GIFT for someone you care about.
*** Whether you want the monthly newsletter delivered by regular mail or by email.

We also need your email address in case there is a problem with your order.

We hope you will share this resource and fellowship effort with all the Christians you know and love, including family, friends, pastors, teachers, missionaries, and ministries. PLEASE NOTE :: If you purchase a GIFT Membership, please make sure you put their shipping address in the box for added information when you checkout. You can enter an email address for GIFT recipients within the PayPal ordering button on this page. We will send your recipient an announcement about your gift and request any added information we may need at that time.

Until we can establish a better way to do multiple orders at one time, this is the PayPal option we will have to work with. Thank you for being patient, and we hope next year there will be a better solution.

Again, many thanks for becoming a Working Together Member. We will strive to create the best resource options for Christians that are possible. As Working Together grows, we will all benefit.