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Our purpose is to establish worldwide resource connections
the Body of Christ will need to survive as End Time prophecy is fulfilled.
14 November 2018
My "cause for Christ" continues...
It's hard to imagine it has been so many years since this quest began.
I hope you will find your way to become a MEMBER so we can all build the best future possible for us in a world heading toward the Antichrist.
I continue to pray for funding to create offices and programs and resources.
Pray with me for GOD's blessings.
Deborah Martin
Founder, Believer in BIG MIRACLES, Waiting on GOD

Keep checking up on my efforts to build WT through these links.
Your membership dollars will help me build them into global connections.
December is our ANNUAL Membership Drive...
or, you can become a TRIAL Member today!

If you have any questions about what Working Together is, or wants to accomplish, please write to me using the email address below. I will respond as soon as I can.

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