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Our purpose is to establish worldwide resource connections
the Body of Christ will need to survive as End Time prophecy is fulfilled.
17 MARCH 2015
I am visiting the site this morning and making a few changes, deleting old links and pages, and in the process of updating as much of the site as I can. I am dealing with a variety of issues and cannot do all that I would like to.

I am in the process of separating my personal activities from Working Together activities as much as I can. It has always been a financial connection, I am the only one paying it's costs, but I consider it a tithe for the Body of Christ. My health is an issue these days, so I am making as many arrangements for the future of Working Together as I can. I have always prayed for a special Christian to carry it forward and take care of the people of GOD.

I am currently in Portland, OR, USA, with my son and his wife. I continue to try to return to the Eugene area or make arrangements for my mail to be processed there. I haven't been able to collect my mail for a year or more.

Lots of prayers, lots of needs, lots of waiting on GOD.

Remember to keep track of my blog posts at and --- more blog topics are being planned.

Pray for me, and for Working Together, and for the Body of Christ.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

This remains true so I will leave it for now ::

Working Together currently is maintained by founder and owner, Deborah Martin. It was legally established as an OREGON (USA) for-profit corporation in JUNE of 1987. The struggle to maintain its existence, find funding options, and grow it into the Christian business it is planned to be has been enormous.

Dealing with End Time issues is always a problem -- for the church and for the world. Trying to establish any kind of religious community is also frightening to some, including myself. Individual Christians in our world are going to need places of refuge, places to turn to in their own time of trial, as our world grows more and more against the things of GOD. Working Together is an effort to create those places before they are desperately needed.

Working Together is not meant to be a one-man show where tyranny becomes the norm. Somehow we have to create healthy and viable communities with their own income sources and alternative payment options. Future Christians need to know there is a place to meet other Christians, to live as peacefully as possible, and to find strength with each other.

We can see the loss of GOD's blessings and benefits in America's social climate, where issues of religion and culture are becoming extraordinarily difficult. This battle, and the loss of our "rights," is necessary for our world to become a place the Antichrist can one day control. How GOD will use Working Together in these times is known only to Him.

As the person behind Working Together, I would have liked GOD to have provided the necessary funding and resources a long time ago. Unfortunately, He has not done so. Until the necessary income is provided, I will continue to do the best I can. You can help by become a member every year.

If you have any questions about what Working Together is, or wants to accomplish, please write to me at Working Together using the email address below. As God allows, I will respond.

Working Together Inc

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