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The Body of Christ is not found in a building. It exists in the hearts and lives of those who accept the tenets of the Holy Bible
and believe Jesus Christ sacrificed His Life for their personal sins. * * * Find out more here * * *

The Church of Christ is terribly divided, and too easy for Satan to conquer. As the End Times become our new reality, both Christians and the lost will need to think about their choices. Essay 321 is not a place for just one truth, we want to create a place where the differences between Christians can be discussed and compared with the Word of God. In understanding the reasons why some denominations claim their particular beliefs, we can think about them and decide for ourselves if we agree or disagree. We hope to see Essays that reflect your deepest convictions and the reasons behind them.


As Working Together grows into its global regions, Essay 321 and other programs will begin to operate with local member needs in mind. Essays will be presented in English for global readers and in the writer's original language for local members. Entry Fees and Prizes will be adjusted to each region's income to give writers an opportunity to choose either the local or international competition.

We look forward to this expansion.

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    The purpose of Essay 321 is to create an ongoing conversation about Christian issues AND to offer individuals an opportunity to earn extra money for taking the time to express their thoughts. Competitors have ONE WEEK to write and submit THREE PAGES with their views, supported by at least TWO CITED REFERENCES from Biblical or secular evidence. As our online capabilities improve, this submission process will be easier. Essay 321 provides an important meeting place for worthwhile controversies.

    With the decline of Christian values, our societies are failing to protect us. We hope this writing competition will contribute important views to the conversation and encourage a greater search for GOD's Truth. If you are earnestly searching for Truth, it can be found. GOD will lead us when we follow Him to those places where Truth exists.

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    NOTE:: Because my current situation is precarious, I am entering topics as I can...within the weekly boundaries.
    26 NOV 2013 :: My situation is still precarious. Pray for me. Thanks.

    Week #48 :: 24-30 NOV 2013
    TOPIC ::
    Thanksgiving has arrived. Whether we are alone or with others, we can find good things in our lives. What makes your life worthwhile? What are you glad about? What would you miss most if you didn't have it?
    Award Date: 1 MARCH 2014

    Week #47 :: 17-23 NOV 2013
    TOPIC ::
    Does it matter whether we have a turkey, a chicken, or a sandwich on Thanksgiving day? What is the real meaning of the holiday?
    Award Date: 23 FEB 2014

    Week #46 :: 10-16 NOV 2013
    TOPIC ::
    Why are children a blessing from the Lord?
    Award Date: 16 FEB 2014

    Week #45 :: 3 NOV to 9 NOV 2013
    TOPIC ::
    What has GOD provided in your life that you are thankful for?
    Award Date: 9 FEB 2014

    Week #44 :: 27 OCT to 2 NOV 2013
    TOPIC ::
    How has Satan moved humanity from the worship and honoring of GOD to the loss of GOD's presence in our world?
    Award Date: 2 FEB 2014

    Week #43 :: 20 OCT to 26 OCT 2013
    TOPIC ::
    When GOD speaks about future events, how do we know they WILL come true?
    Award Date: 26 JAN 2014

    Week #42 :: 13 OCT to 19 OCT 2013
    TOPIC ::
    Is evil harmless? Can we just "dabble" in the occult? with tarot cards or Ouija boards? seances?
    Award Date: 19 JAN 2014

    Week #41 :: 6 OCT to 12 OCT 2013
    TOPIC ::
    Another Halloween is approaching. What does the Bible have to say about celebrating this type of holiday?
    Award Date: 15 JAN 2014 (Because the topic was late.)

    Week #40 :: 29 SEP to 5 OCT 2013
    TOPIC ::
    When we pray, how do we know GOD answered? Is it better to pray with "fleece" type requests? If there is a time restriction, do we need to tell GOD about it --- and expect His answer within that timeframe? Do we give GOD a specific need to help us with, or just keep our prayers general?
    Award Date: 5 JAN 2014

    Week #39 :: 22 SEP to 28 SEP 2013
    TOPIC ::
    Can anyone stop prophecy from coming true? What does the Bible tell us to do when persecution increases in our life? in the church? in our nation? Will we need to separate ourselves from the unsaved? Can we separate our lives from the lost, from persecution, from standing for Christ?
    Award Date: 28 DEC 2013

    Week #38 :: 15 SEP to 21 SEP 2013
    TOPIC ::
    When GOD tried to warn His people about impending judgment/s, what did they do? What does the Bible tell us about how people will react to GOD's End Time judgments? How will those who remain true to GOD and Jesus co-exist with the lost in the days when evil grows more than goodness?
    Award Date: 21 DEC 2013

    Week #37 :: 8 SEP to 14 SEP 2013
    TOPIC ::
    When we struggle, we think everyone else is doing better than we are...but that may not be true. What does the Bible tell us about what GOD provides for His people? Will He provide for the unsaved? How do we know when our struggles are trials, consequences, or judgments?
    Award Date: 14 DEC 2013

    Week #36 :: 1 SEP to 7 SEP 2013
    TOPIC ::
    How does GOD provide for the poor, fatherless, widows, and elderly? What happens when people do not follow what GOD has told us? If the world is ungodly, if the saved have fallen away from GOD, what happens to the weak and helpless? What does GOD say He will do for those who are abandoned by family and the church? What about the victims of those who don't follow the Word of GOD -- where do they fit into GOD's protection?
    Award Date: 7 DEC 2013

    Week #35 :: 25 AUG to 31 AUG 2013
    TOPIC ::
    When GOD judges a nation, does that mean innocent people are also judged, or only the guilty? Why does GOD judge us? How does GOD judge people, leaders, nations? Are there warning signs? Can we change the course of GOD's judgment?
    Award Date: 30 NOV 2013

    Week #34 :: 18 AUG to 24 AUG 2013
    TOPIC ::
    When we are faced with survival needs, how do we evaluate "the love of money" in our choices? What choices are affected by the battle between choosing GOD or "mammon" (money)? Does our wealth come from our choices, the blessings of GOD, the temptations of Satan, good or evil, fate, or luck? How can we balance the needs of our lives with the authority/sovereignty of GOD in our lives?
    Award Date: 24 NOV 2013

    Week #33 :: 11 AUG to 17 AUG 2013
    TOPIC ::
    What does it mean to "worship" an idol? How do we put things before GOD? If GOD is "longsuffering" does it mean we can get away with sin? How can we know that our salvation is real?
    Award Date: 17 NOV 2013

    Week #32 :: 4 AUG to 10 AUG 2013
    TOPIC ::
    If we don't have symbols to tell the world Who we believe in, how do we display our faith? In a world that doesn't allow our faith to be expressed, how do we keep our faith alive? How do we tell people the meaning of true faith in GOD, in Christ, in the Holy Spirit, when they cannot believe because their desires go against all that GOD tells us is right and good? When the world becomes more evil than good/godly, what will we become? Will there be any way to share the love they are missing?
    Award Date: 10 NOV 2013

    Week #31 :: 28 JUL to 3 AUG 2013
    TOPIC ::
    What is: -- an idol? -- a graven image? -- something made of human hands that people worship? -- something made of wood, gold, silver? The Bible doesn't say there's a difference between a cross and a fish and any other forms of idolatry in pagan religions. We have silversmiths in our age that will suffer loss if these forms of idolatry are ended. Coming out of the Catholic religion, reading the Bible for myself, I couldn't find a distinction. Satan is a very cleaver deceiver. He appears as an angel of light. Where is the line GOD has drawn for our symbols of faith?
    Award Date: 3 NOV 2013

    Week #30 :: 21 JUL to 27 JUL 2013
    TOPIC ::
    I don't know of any Christian church that has ever talked about what life will be like as the End Times become a reality. Those who believe in the pre-Tribulation rapture assume we will not have to suffer anything before that time, and will be gone for the hard times of persecution. We never really talk about living in the midst of great social and governmental persecutions because of our faith. What was it like for the early Christians? What was it like for the Jews in the many times of their persecutions? In countries other than America and the "developed" world, people are already killed, maimed, imprisoned, tortured, and other terrible things, for their personal belief in GOD, Christ, and the other Truths in the Bible, which can conflict with other religions in our world. Why are we not allowed to have individual faith? What can we do to prepare and protect ourselves and others for End Time changes?
    Award Date: 27 OCT 2013

    Week #29 :: 14 JUL to 20 JUL 2013
    TOPIC ::
    People who believe in the GOD of the Bible, whether the Old Testament (Jews) or New Testament (Christians and Messianic Jews), are often seen as weak, easily abused, and foolish... by those who know nothing about what the Bible teaches us. The Old Testament, which I have been reading/listening to lately, is filled with the choice between GOD's blessings and His judgments. It is filled with PRINCIPLES that guide our lives. When we focus on the good choices, there are many benefits. What are those benefits? How do they show up in our lives? How do we know they are blessings from GOD? Is it always equal to an abundance of money? Why does our faith make us look weak or foolish to the ungodly?
    Award Date: 20 OCT 2013

    Week #28 :: 7 JUL to 13 JUL 2013
    TOPIC ::
    Freedom to worship GOD without state control is what made America different from every other country. We were a government of the people, by the people, for the people, trying to get away from the rule of a dictator, to honor our GOD, and to allow citizens to rule themselves. Many of these freedoms are being lost to the war against GOD and control of our country's social values. How can we preserve what is so important about America in the midst of the moral and governmental changes that are occurring?
    Award Date: 13 OCT 2013

    Week #27 :: 30 JUN to 6 JULY 2013
    TOPIC ::
    This is the week we celebrate the freedoms we have in America. What has changed since our country was founded? How is this fulfilling the Word of GOD? Prophecy? The End Times? What will happen to the world when America falls?
    Award Date: 6 OCT 2013

    Week #26 :: 23 JUN to 29 JUN
    TOPIC ::
    I just heard that Exodus International is closing as a ministry to the homosexual community and apologizing for trying to reach people caught in that kind of sin. They seem to have the idea it is wrong to offend people caught in sin. -- Recently my unsaved mother was asking about churches that say you can be homosexual and still be Christian...I told my mother that any church or group that says it is OK to be gay, lesbian, transexual, pedophile, or other sexual alternatives is not Christian. We are seeing clergy declaring their gay and lesbian status and believing it is acceptable by GOD's standards. -- This time in history is a turning point for the world. What does GOD tell us about these choices? Where is this theology coming from? What does it mean for people who are committed to GOD, to the salvation of Christ, and to their families? If the Enemy of our Soul takes over the law, what will it mean for the people who love GOD?
    Award Date: 29 SEP 2013

    Week #25 :: 16 JUN to 22 JUN 2013
    TOPIC ::
    The Enemy of our Soul (Satan) keeps telling people to kill themselves when things are hard...what does he hope to accomplish by doing this?
    (NOTE: After entering this topic, I watched a Heritage Foundation video about America and its Constitution. It mentions that America will die by suicide. Consider watching this video for yourself:
    Award Date: 22 SEP 2013

    Week #24 :: 9 JUN to 15 JUN 2013
    TOPIC ::
    Those of us without fathers have only GOD to look to as an example of what a father is meant to be. What does the Bible tell us about fathers through what we know about GOD?
    Award Date: 15 SEP 2013

    Week #23 :: 2 JUN to 8 JUN 2013
    TOPIC ::
    The importance of healthy, responsible, godly men in our lives, in our society, is not fully acknowledged by the media, by secular organizations, or by those who see GOD as their enemy. In our age, the devil has created enmity between men and women, a sense that we need to compete with rather than compliment each other. The Bible tells us that a woman's "desire shall be to [her] husband, and he shall rule over [her]." (Genesis 3:16 KJV) There is one perspective that says you are spiritually married to those of the opposite sex you engage in sexual relations with because sex is the consumation of the marriage relationship, the way we "become one" with our mates, and the reason for chastity before marriage. The Bible also tells us that GOD holds a man accountable for the lives of his wife and children (and girlfriends?). What does biblical equality and respect look like in our relationships with the opposite sex?
    Award Date: 8 SEP 2013

    Week #22 :: 26 MAY to 1 JUN 2013
    TOPIC ::
    In America, we will soon remember all the soldiers who have served our country. There hasn't been a major forced draft for a long time, I think the last draft was the Vietnam conflict. Mostly we have a volunteer military. Some feel that the military is expensive and unnecessary. Others feel it is the only thing keeping us and other countries from being destroyed. What does the Bible tell us about war and soldiers and our responsibilities toward the families that are affected by war? If the government doesn't act with honor toward its soldiers, will it act honorably toward others? Are we fighting necessary battles in other countries? As the global focus takes over, what is America's place in military conflicts? What are your feelings about soldiers who have been a part of any war?
    Award Date: 1 SEP 2013

    Week #21 :: 19 MAY to 25 MAY
    TOPIC ::
    Every person has problems to deal with, burdens that they have to carry in this life. Why do we think that there is a place in life where there is no burden, where success is living without problems, that money will solve everything? Sometimes people suggest the question: What problem would you choose? Can we ever fully understand the issues that are involved in someone else's problems? Does GOD tell us how to deal with this difference in our lives?
    Award Date: 25 AUG 2013

    Week #20 :: 12 MAY to 18 MAY 2013
    TOPIC ::
    The family structure GOD intended was Father and Mother staying together until one of them died, with children being cared for with love and godly wisdom until they become adults and care for their own selves and families. What are the unique characteristics that a Mother brings to this planned family? What does a Father contribute to the health of a family? Does a lifetime commitment affect the health of a marriage? If we fail to make a good choice in our mates, what does the Bible say we can do? Why is it impossible for relationships that go outside this Male:Female structure to succeed fully? Gay and Lesbian couples recreate this M:F structure by one person taking on the opposite role. What does that tell us? Can changing the role we were born with change our true nature? How does our DNA affect our bodies despite our decision to go against it?
    Award Date: 18 AUG 2013

    Week #19 :: 5 MAY to 11 MAY 2013
    TOPIC ::
    When GOD is trying to bring His People back to a right relationship with Him, there are certain things that seem to happen, ways that GOD tries to "chastise" and "discipline" the ones He loves. What are some of these? And how are they different from a full "judgment" of our sins?
    Award Date: 11 AUG 2013

    Week #18 :: 28 APR to 4 MAY 2013
    TOPIC ::
    In America, we will be praying for our nation on Thursday, 2 May 2013. What is your prayer for America? for your country? for the future of our world?
    Award Date: 4 AUG 2013

    Week #17 :: 21 APR to 27 APR 2013
    TOPIC ::
    How do we know what GOD's plan for our lives is? Does everyone find GOD's plan for their lives? Does everyone care if they find it? What does it mean to your life when you do?
    Award Date: 27 JUL 2013

    Week #16 :: 14 APR to 20 APR 2013
    TOPIC ::
    There has always a battle about the status and responsibilities of the rich and the poor in society. It is the same today. In America it has become a tax battle, with the rich being condemned for having acquired riches -- the same riches the church seems to evidence as GOD's blessings on a godly person. Wealth in the secular world is a symbol of power and ability. What does the Bible tell us about GOD's view of money, and what we are meant to do with it?
    Award Date: 20 JUL 2013

    Week #15 :: 7 APR to 13 APR 2013
    TOPIC ::
    How does Spring tell us there is a GOD that created our world?
    Award Date: 13 JUL 2013

    Week #14 :: 31 MAR to 6 APR 2013
    TOPIC ::
    "It is finished..." these were the words of Christ. We are now saved by the blood that Jesus shed for us, as the sacrifice for all of our sins. What does Christ's offering mean to you?
    Award Date: 6 JUL 2013

    Week #13 :: 24 MAR to 30 MAR 2013
    TOPIC ::
    Jesus sacrificed His life for us. He knew that was His purpose in this life. But He still asked God, His Father, to take that purpose away if there was any way to avoid it. Why did Jesus pray that way? What does it mean for us? What does it mean about God's Will for our lives? What does it say about prayer?
    Award Date: 30 JUN 2013

    Week #12 :: 17 MAR to 23 MAR 2013
    TOPIC ::
    Do movies help us to know the WORD, or do they make our opinions for us? Is it good to have fictional accounts of the Bible? What about books? Do we believe the books and movies, or do we get our beliefs from the Bible? What is your habit, where do you get your opinions, and why do you choose that format?
    Award Date: 23 JUN 2013

    Week #11 :: 10 MAR to 16 MAR 2013
    TOPIC ::
    What matters more: the celebration of Christmas (Christ's birth day) or His death and resurrection? Why do you feel that way? How do you show the importance (the difference) of your choice in your life?
    Award Date: 16 JUN 2013

    Week #10 :: 3 MAR to 9 MAR 2013
    TOPIC ::
    Modern living, in America and other developed nations, is not the same as life in the time of Christ and the Apostles. We have little knowledge or experience with the process of killing animals for food. Jewish preparations in these processes is not the same as "secular" methods. How are they different? and why is it important to the Jewish family? Does this have any significance in the death of Christ?
    Award Date: 9 JUN 2013

    Week #9 :: 24 FEB to 2 MAR 2013
    TOPIC ::
    What does GOD require in our celebrations of the resurrection? How many of the activities we do as part of our Resurrection Celebrations were created by men? How would we know the difference if it is all we have ever known? Is celebrating "Easter" the same as celebrating the resurrection of Christ? Why is it hard to go against the traditions of men? Where is Satan in all these changes?
    Award Date: 2 JUN 2013

    Week #8 :: 17 FEB to 23 FEB 2013
    TOPIC ::
    Love is a difficult thing to measure in humanity. We all have expectations based on the lives we have led, on what we learned in our childhood, and what we experience throughout our lives. GOD showed us His Love by creating a way for us to go to heaven after Adam and Eve sinned by disobeying His one command. Jesus showed us His Love by giving up His Life to fulfill the law of GOD. How do we show our love for GOD and Jesus? our love for each other?
    Award Date: 23 MAY 2013

    Week #7 :: 10 FEB to 16 FEB 2013
    TOPIC ::
    How does GOD feel when the people He loves forget about Him? What is it in our lives that shows GOD that we love Him? Is everyone suppose to do the same thing/s? What changes as we grow in our faith? How do we treat people who are at a different place in their relationship with GOD? If we are ONE BODY, and are all responsible for different things in that Body, what does it look like in real life?
    Award Date: 16 MAY 2013

    Week #6 :: 3 FEB to 9 FEB 2013
    TOPIC ::
    "Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord." (KJV Romans 12:19) How do we leave the judgment of those who have wronged us in the hands of GOD? It seems like an impossible thing to do. How do we treat people who we have left to GOD's judgment? If we don't see them suffer, how do we know they ever get "judged" by anyone or anything? Is the courtroom and the prison cell the only way GOD judges those who sin against us? How do we know the difference between people who will forever be lost in their sin and those who will one day become Christians? The End Times are going to be very difficult. How do we prepare for the actions that will happen to innocent people, to Christians, to ourselves?
    Award Date: 9 MAY 2013

    Week #5 :: 27 JAN to 2 FEB 2013
    TOPIC ::
    Violence is a terrible thing, but it isn't what good people do. If our world begins to increase in violence because the influence of GOD is reduced or eliminated, how will good people respond? We like to think that laws will change the nature of Man, but those who commit crimes don't really care about the law. What is the purpose of law in our time? What happens to ordinary people when the acts of criminals cause/create laws that take away our ability to protect ourselves? How can we separate the influence of the media on our decisions? Or the influence of people with personal/financial investments in some governmental decisions? Do we become the puppets of unseen forces when we make decisions that hurt our country in the long-term? Is the weapon to blame, or the one holding the weapon?
    Award Date: 2 MAY 2013

    Week #4 :: 20 to 26 JAN 2013
    TOPIC ::
    Government is in control of our lives, and GOD says that He is the one in control of the government. What is our responsibility when GOD has given us a choice in our government? Not all governments allow their citizens to vote. Does the right to vote mean something important in our walk with GOD? Will GOD chastise us through the government? Does He bless citizens through their government? When does government become the enemy of God's people? How do we decide what our response toward government control will be?
    Award Date: 26 APR 2013

    Week #3 :: 13 to 19 JAN 2013
    TOPIC ::
    Another anniversary for Roe vs Wade is upon us...and still innocent children are being killed every day. Why are the issues of life so important to our societies? Is it really just a woman's choice that is at stake? What are the deeper implications of this legal view of abortion?
    Award Date: 19 APR 2013

    Week #2 :: 6 to 12 JAN 2013
    TOPIC ::
    We are heading into a new term for our President...a second term. Debt is a serious issue all over the globe, and now the US is facing economic problems that can seriously harm us. A comment in my local paper stated the INTEREST on the US government's debt is well over 200 BILLION dollars annually... imagine what that money could pay for. What does the Bible tell us about debt? What does it say about government? Is the Bible a good place to find answers for these kinds of problems?
    Award Date: 12 APR 2013

    Week #53 of 2012 and Week #1 of 2013 ::
    30 DEC 2012 to 5 JAN 2013

    TOPIC ::
    We have reached the end of one year and the beginning of another...we can't change the past, but we look forward to a better future. Salvation changes our lives like a new year that is waiting to be written. How has your salvation changed your life? Was it worth it? Did it bring a lot of new problems? Were you ready for it? What would you say to a newly saved person about what salvation does to a person's life?
    Award Date: 5 APR 2013