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Lord,    I daily offer my life to you.   Help me to see clearly.     May I never be afraid of the hidden attacks of the enemy,   who would like to destroy your precious orchestrations of humanity.     Move my life toward complete submission to your decisions.     May I always be your obedient child because I love you so much.   I long to honor you with my life.   It is for your glory that I live.    Make me worthy of your love, a benefit to Mankind.   In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.     Deborah Martin            
Search these websites for the information you need to make a decision about God, about Jesus, and about your eternal life. I will update it as often as I can, increase its information, and try to organize it better as time goes by. I hope it helps you to find the answers you are looking for. Deb Martin
  • BIBLE - at
  • UNBOUND BIBLE - at Biola
  • BIBLE - at
  • BIBLE - at
  • Christian Answers BIBLE

    - An excellent research tool

    JEWISH LIBRARY : Glossary
    ISRAEL National Parks
    ISRAEL Travel Maps

  • JESUS FILM in all languages
  • The HOPE - a movie
  • Evangelism Explosion
  • Child Evangelism Fellowship

    Trinity Broadcasting Network
    Paul and Jan Crouch started this TV station/network a LONG time ago. There are many different viewing options now. TBN has a pentecostal foundation.

    Christian Broadcasting Network
    CBN is the television ministry that I think Pat Robertson founded, with the 700 Club. I just discovered a variety of music options under the radio link, and they have updated other parts of the website.

    Calvary Satellite Network
    Calvary Chapels were started by Chuck Smith in the days of the hippies. CSN offers a variety of preachers.

    Moody Broadcasting Network
    A 24-hour station with a variety of programs associated with Moody Bible Institute, which was founded by Dwight Moody.

    One Place
    These sites are part of the Salem Network. One Place is audio programs and Lightsource is video programs.

    Klove Radio
    Air 1 Radio
    Klove is a network of stations focused on positive faith. Air 1 is part of Klove somehow.

    These pastors have died, but their sermons are still with us. Try to listen to them as often as you can.
    Adrian Rogers

    J Vernon McGee

    D James Kennedy

    Coral Ridge Ministries is now Truth in Action Ministries.

    The following sites are separated from the rest of my listings because they need special consideration. The WORD is always true, no matter who speaks it. Always study the Bible for yourself and ask, "Are these sermons true to the WORD?"

    Paul Sheppard
    Pastor Sheppard's former ministry was ENDURING TRUTH. In late 2010 I became aware that this favorite preacher of mine had a moral fall. I don't personally know this man, I just like his preaching style. The hard part of walking with our GOD is that when we fall, the consequences never fully go away. When we have a position of leadership, the effects are greater. In MAY 2013 I listened to two of his recordings and he seems to be recovering his spiritual life. You will need to check this out for yourself to make your own decision. NOTE :: It is now NOV2018 and I am checking this page and others. I can't take this down today, but wanted to say I keep checking in with him and he seems to be preaching well. I don't know anything else. I think he has recovered and is back with GOD fulltime... I hope so.

  • Crown Financial Ministries
  • Ron Blue
  • Sound Mind Investing

    A Chicago-based Christian community.
    Jesus People is the first Christian group I ever heard of that was living in community. They are the remnants of the "Jesus Freaks" of the '60s, which I recall in a general way. I explored them as a visitor one time when I was close to Chicago. Visiting is a great way to begin the community experience. You can visit for short or long times...just contact them and set it up. They operate several businesses for income generation, use to host a yearly music festival (Cornerstone), and use to put out the most amazing magazine (Cornerstone). They have outreaches to the poor and homeless in their area.

  • American Family Association
  • Citizen Magazine
  • Concerned Women
  • Family Research Council
  • Coral Ridge Ministries is now Truth in Action

    Ravi Zacharius

    This man is absolutely astounding in his approach to the gospel and its interaction with Mankind. He speaks to the intellectual, a very necessary and difficult bridge to cross. We can thank God that he does it so well. I can't imagine our world without this man's work. You can find his sermons and many other excellent resources at his website.

    Charles Stanley

    Charles Stanley is the foundation of my biblical viewpoints. I have come to disagree with his Rapture view, but the man is worth more than any other preacher I have ever listened to, read, or explored. Starting here is the best thing you could do...but don't stay here forever. There are very important words to be found in the teaching of other fine pastors. Find them here, at a library or bookstore, and in your neighborhood. It is important to explore all views in order to find the Truth that God wants us to discover.

    John MacArthur

    I was raised in the territory that John MacArthur calls his own, so I often associate with some of the comments in his audio sermons. I use to visit his church in the San Fernando Valley and I was so impressed with their Baptism process -- people actually tell how they came to Christ before they are dunked. It is always encouraging to know that God is the same for everyone, we just find Him on different freeways. If they are still conducting their baptisms in this manner, it is well worth the effort to go there on baptism night.

    Chuck Swindoll

    TD Jakes

    David Jeremiah

    Alistair Begg

    Housing will become an important issue for all Christians. This ministry may be God's provision for us. They use their financial resources to help build houses for individual families, who make their down payment with sweat equity. Volunteers are able to help these families build their house. Everyone learns important construction skills for their own lives. It is a global shelter outreach. If we don't prepare alternatives to current ownership pathways, many Christians are going to find themselves at the local Mission, in their vehicles, or on the streets. Explore Habitat and see what you can do.

    Are you Jewish, and wondering about this Man called Jesus? This is the ministry for you. They have a fantastic presentation, usually seen during Resurrection season, which displays how Jewish traditions at the Passover reveal that Christ is the fulfillment of Old Testament prophesies about the Messiah. It was the most impacting thing I have ever seen connecting Jewish and Christian foundations. There are many other important resources to discover. This is a place you can ask questions about our Jewish heritage.

    Jim Daly

    James Dobson

    Chuck Colson is now deceased, but the ministry continues.

    Founded by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, this is the only ministry I know of that is focused on the persecution and suffering/murder of Christians in many countries. They will have to help us all to deal with these issues in the best way possible.

    Stories of lives changed through Pacific Garden Mission in downtown Chicago.

    Joni Eareckson Tada

    If you are new to the Christian World...Joni has been in a wheelchair most of her life, and in that time God has used her to reach and help millions of other individuals and families coping with disabilities. This ministry operates two programs I am fond of : FAMILY CAMP and WHEELS FOR THE WORLD. She has helped people with disabilities to be included in many activities they wouldn't otherwise enjoy, and helps churches and organizations to be more inclusive in their congregations. She's an original masterpiece... you will be glad you lived at the same time she has. This website offers both audio and video presentations.

    Greg Laurie

    Chip Ingram

    Joyce Meyer

    John Hagee

  • Just the Facts
  • National Right to Life
    The main political arm of the pro-life movement, with offices in each state, and affiliates everywhere. NRTL hosts a yearly convention, usually in the summer, and is the only pro-life convention I know of so far. Their website offers an impacting visual presentation of the partial-birth abortion procedure. NRTL is not just focused on abortion, it also addresses euthanasia and other life issues, including stem cell research and cloning.

    Last Days Ministries was a Christian Community in Texas way back when I was younger and without children. They had a ministry called AMERICANS AGAINST ABORTION, which created great tracts and t-shirts. Two of their tracts are below, but they lead to a great list of other offerings.
  • Children...Things We Throw Away?
    One of the first tracts I read on the impact of abortion on our society...way back in the late '70s or early '80s. Last Days Ministries was an important part of my life, and another Christian community ministry with great activists in heated political arenas. It was based in Texas. This link is the most I know about them now. This tract is worth reading and thinking about, despite its age. [Copyright 1979, 2001]
  • Singles & Sex
    Sex is the mainline drug of this age...and more prominent because of media and the Internet, advertising, and plain old human nature. God is not stupid. He knows how powerful sex is. That is why He built boundaries into the biblical framework for living. Sex is like a powerful explosive that will destroy your life if you don't handle it properly. This is another tract from Last Days Ministries.

  • Center for Law & Justice
  • Alliance Defense Fund
  • Home School Defense

    Tony Evans

    One of the great programs created by this ministry is the National Church Adopt-A-School Initiative. This is an mentoring outreach to any school, but is especially needed in large urban areas. If we can't take our children out of the public schools, we MUST go in and try to save as many as we can. His church is Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas.

  • Summit Ministries
    This high school and college ministry is superior in teaching Christians to understand and battle the dominant world views! They have courses for many ages, but I think the primary focus is on high school, college, and parents. I wish it could be available to every Christian everywhere. I sincerely hope you will check this out.
  • Youth for Christ
  • Campus Crusade for Christ
  • Christian Athletes

  • World Vision
  • Compassion International

  • Exodus International
  • Exodus Youth
    Alternate sexuality is THE MOST CRITICAL ISSUE OF OUR TIME. It is one barometer of our demise as a society. It places Christians in their most difficult position yet because of End Time Prophecy. No matter what happens, we must find a way to separate the sin from the sinner! Hopefully, Exodus will be a light through that tunnel.
    June 2013 :: Exodus Ministries are going through a time of upheaval... Only GOD knows if they can be saved from extinction. I am praying that Satan will not win this battle.

    19 OCT 2013 :: It seems that Exodus has ended, and I find that to be an indicator of the END TIMES progressing. I don't see why this ministry (and some others) have chosen to end when, I think, they may have just needed a new focus, or leader. Exodus had a LONG history that has now disappeared. Many of our denominations and their individual churches are also falling under the weight of the gay/ lesbian/ transgendered/ pedophile community. I don't know how the Church will respond, or how much we can change when something has been prophesied. In America and other developed nations, we have lived in "peace" with the world for many years. Now we can see the effects of this on our families and communities. The Enemy is attacking, gaining more ground than we like, and we have to think of our own safety and future as our world changes. What would GOD have us do???

    Presidential PRAYER TEAM
    This site is available year-round. You can submit your own prayers for this country, its leaders, military forces, and others. Current events are highlighted and more.

    Yoido Full Gospel Church, Seoul KOREA
    David Yonggi Cho
    I put Dr Cho here because of the PRAYER MOUNTAIN this ministry operates. There is a new lead pastor now :: Young Hoon Lee.

    Operation Christmas Child
    These ministries are all related to each other. Samaritan's Purse is an international relief organization that reaches out during times of natural and man-made disasters. They have a Rapid Response Team to help with the spiritual devastation that exists in times of great trauma. I am very fond of the Shoebox gift ministry they operate under Operation Christmas Child. I am not sure what will happen with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, but Franklin Graham seems to be overseeing it for now.

    My opinions about the End Times primarily come from reading the King James Bible and comparing it to what I was hearing about it in sermons and other sources I can't remember now. I don't remember formally studying too much about the End Times through other authors, but I have attended church programs focuse on Revelation and the End Times, listened to preachers over the years, and read a few things. I don't know who the current authorities are in this field, but I found the following names through TBN and vague memory. Most believe in the Rapture saving us from suffering. I heard from one preacher that the Church of Christ maintains the historical view that the only rapture is at the end, when Jesus comes for His Bride. You will have to study the subject for yourself. -- I am sorry I didn't think to put a section on the End Times here. I was mostly focusing this page on learning about Christ so you can be saved.

  • The Hal Lindsey Report
    Hal Lindsey wrote the main book on this topic in 1970, The Late Great Planet Earth. He has written a lot of other books you can check out, and does a program you can view at his website.
  • Christ in Prophecy
    Dave Reagan
    This is a show I have been watching on TBN. They have lots of guests from the field of prophecy.
  • End of the Age
    Irvin Baxter
    This is a show I have seen on TBN. It is a series that may repeat. I watched as many as I could when it was first on. I don't know if you can view all the programs on the website.
  • Prophecy Depot
    Bill Salus
    This man was a guest on Christ in Prophecy and seems to have some good books to read about it.
  • Zola Levitt Ministries
    This site was listed on Hal Lindsey's site. It is suppose to be Christianity from the Jewish perspective. I don't know if it is any good, but it looks like they have some good newsletters about Israel. You will have to decide for yourself.
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