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The Body of Christ is not found in a building.
It exists in the hearts and lives of those who accept
the tenets of the Holy Bible and belierve
Jesus Christ sacrificed His Life for their personal sins.

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As the End Times fulfill the WORD of GOD, we need to join together and change the way we have always looked at our lives. The GOAL of Working Together is to create resources we can all use. JOIN US TODAY!

Way back in 1999 I wrote a small booklet about my concerns for the Christian community --
What If There Is No Rapture?

Its main idea is the ANTICHRIST may arrive before the beloved pre-Tribulation Rapture, which is a recent theory.

Preparing for the growing persecutions of the Antichrist is a massive undertaking, at the individual, church, and global level. This is why I created WT -- to organize, gather, and protect the Christian community. I became motivated to do this because of my experiences with poverty and homelessness in the US and with the organized church. We are not ready for suffering. We need to build resources to help as many as we can get through the difficult times ahead.

WORKING TOGETHER WAS DESIGNED TO EXIST USING YEARLY MEMBERSHIP FEES because that is an ongoing budget strategy. All Member benefits are tied to this relationship. Priority for resources is based on length of Membership. This is fair, and it creates the boundaries that will be necessary.

The bigger idea is to build resources that will carry us to and through a "cash-less society." We won't last forever, but we will last as long as we can, and be able to use all our resources to meet the needs of as many as possible. THE GOAL IS SELF-SUFFICIENT GROUPS THAT WILL CARE FOR EACH OTHER IN A COMMUNITY SETTING... in all countries of the world.


The effort to reach Christians is a difficult and an ongoing process. We can't really organize a global effort to protect Christians in every country until we gather online as ONE BODY IN CHRIST. By gathering into ONE online space we can begin the organizing and building process. Member fees will eventually be used for those who belong in the places they live.

    Building for the End Times

    Working Together Inc is the corporate umbrella for all the actions we become aware of and involved in. It is focused on membership programs, benevolence options, and community building.

    Where Christians can find each other.

    Working Together has TWO ways to be involved as members :: as INDIVIDUALS and as groups of people. International Christian Online Resource Directory (CORD) is for groups. It will be a DIRECTORY for ministries to share what they can do to help other Christians. Like the Individual Memberships, it is divided into categories. For groups there will be a Christian Directory, a Public Directory, and an Employment Directory.

    Give what you can. Take only what you need.

    Long before there was a Kickstarter, I was trying to establish Action Prayer as a way to group fund the needs we will have. It will also host a PRAISE option to publicly share our gratitude for all GOD does for us. To provide the funding base for this program, each single-prayer entry will require a nominal fee. The current fee is US$1.00. Part of this fee will establish our PRAYER FUND to provide what is needed by those who submit a prayer that isn't funded. No one can answer every prayer, but we will try to use this money for as many people as possible.

    Finding God in our everyday lives.

    The purpose of Bible Growth Groups is to encourage the realization of how GOD works in our lives, in things both big and small. We will organize the groups, provide resources that can be purchased, and try to record the effects for others to discover.

    How do YOU measure the value of one life?

    This will be the political outreach for Working Together, to help fight the oppressions and persecutions we expect to happen. It will keep us all aware of what is happening in different places around the globe. I hope to establish offices for this program in Washington, DC, to be close to our government offices, to other ministries, and to global resources. Right now, funding for this program will come from products we hope will be purchased by members and the general public.

    Changing how we think about crime and justice.

    This is our program for improving prisons as a way to improve lives. We may one day be held against our will, innocent of crimes, because of our faith. This is WT's effort to improve the places we may end up. On the way, we hope to reach inmates for GOD.

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    More on this program later.

    Searching for the best food at the least price possible.
    More on this program later.

    discovering the dangers in our food supplies:

    These are deeply impacting films about our food supplies... we are in very grave danger. Those who control our food will control the world... which is their goal.

    || Forks Over Knives :: This movie changed my eating habits and how I see the need for our food supplies... It also shares the urgent need we have for quality food supplies... It reminds us of how our government is not the one that cares about our real needs. This is a film you need to see for your personal health needs.

    || Genetic Roulette :: a movie about GMO foods and how they are affecting our lives, killing our animals and children, and changing our digestion forever.

    || MODIFIED :: a newer documentary about GMO issues in CANADA... too much like our own. This film shares one family's interest and concern about their food supplies. It is a tear-jerker and full of very good information, with a wonderful attachment to daily life in sharing how she makes the food she eats from the land to the table, including grain milling!

    And there are many more...
    do a search.