Updated : 30 NOV 2020

One day you, or someone you love, may need the survival options we are developing now.

Welcome to
Working Together

One God * One Bible * One Christ * One Salvation * One Body
Our purpose is to establish worldwide resource connections
the Body of Christ will need to survive as End Time prophecy is fulfilled.

The Body of Christ is not found in a building.
It exists in the hearts and lives of those who accept the tenets of the Holy Bible
and believe Jesus Christ sacrificed His Life for their personal sins.
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Prayer of Repentance?

Will there be millions of true Christians when the Antichrist arrives, or only a remnant? We don't know. As the End Times fulfill the WORD of GOD, we need to join together and change the way we have always looked at our lives. The GOAL of Working Together is to create resources we can all use. JOIN US TODAY!

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30 NOVEMBER 2020
A special message for 2021

Welcome to the new entry page for Working Together. My name is Deborah Martin and I am the Founder of WT as well as its Owner, sole support, and only volunteer. I decided to change things a bit for this year's annual DECEMBER Membership Drive. You can find the previous program information at this updated page link :: WT PROGRAM INFO

I want to share some background information and some of my reasons for creating WT. I will also be leaving links to other online places connected to my efforts to establish WT. And I want to let you know how you can help this business-ministry hybrid get started.

After a lot of thought about how to share Working Together and find new members, I realized I needed to regroup and seek GOD for a path forward. I really need a decent amount of START-UP funding still. Creating this page seemed like a reasonable start for 2021.

What I am going to ask for is whatever you can share in the way of finances through purchases of items like the BODY of CHRIST mug, donations to PAYPAL.ME links, or signing up as a TRIAL Member. The Trial Membership is an Introductory Membership providing monthly EMAIL updates. It will keep you informed about the progress I am making on behalf of Working Together. The cost is US$25.00 via the PAYPAL link provided. This monthly contact will allow you to become part of the ongoing effort to reach Christians. As the year progresses we will all see how much we can increase Membership efforts next December.

In order to build resources MEMBERS will need, and to grow year by year, it is important to stay within the budget GOD provides through Membership fees. Other sources of income will provide for other growth strategies. The tithe on our income will be used for Benevolence programs. If we are blessed with enough resources, we can begin providing jobs and housing.

I will share more in the monthly updates to TRIAL Members and through the other contact points online, listed below.

Please become a part of this effort to provide for Christians as they begin to suffer needs that seem impossible to think about today. Anything you can do to help is appreciated.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin

Here is the PayPal link to purchase a US$25.00 TRIAL MEMBERSHIP FOR 2021 -- all we need is your email address with payment for monthly deliveries of your updates.
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Here are some links to keep up with my various current online efforts to communicate with Christians and others. Most of these are sporadically updated right now, but one of my current goals is to post more consistently.

You can also contact Working Together by email :: office@work2gather.us
I don't have a public office established yet, but will create one as soon as GOD provides for it.

Faith and Prayer BLOG
My PATREON page This is my most important effort. I hope Patreon support will carry me forward in my senior years as I find Christians to be part of WT's future.
My PAYPAL "Tip Jar" for Donations This is a new fundraising effort for me. It is quite popular with creative people.
My ETSY shop where I create and sell items like a mug with my BODY of CHRIST statement and the logo message about ONE BODY. Every Christian should have one of these to remember we are ONE BODY together, and to use as a sharing the gospel tool.
My Branding Effort at FACEBOOK

Working Together BLOG
Food to Live BLOG
Shelter For All BLOG
Making Prisons Better BLOG
Political Rehabilitation BLOG
Ideas For Today BLOG
The WT "Tip Jar" at PAYPAL for Donations Working Together is NOT a charity, so there are no tax deductions associated with donations to its work. If you are a Christian, you know that GOD is the one who repays our giving through other sources.
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